CESAMES系思迈认证线上测试 CESAM Associate Online Test

¥2000 该价格包含6%的税 This price includes 6% tax

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  3. The test fee is 2000 RMB, if you fail the test or want to test again to improve your score, we will provide a discount on the next purchase.
  4. This test is valid for 1 month, please complete the test within one month after receiving the link.
  5. If you need an invoice or have any other questions, please contact contact@cesames.cn or add WeChat Customer Service: CESAMESChina

MBSE with CESAM method is not only safe and complete but also easy to practice. Many world- famous industrial companies such as Airbus Europe, Ariane Group, Schneider, Safran and some Chinese aerospace and communication groups have been trained by CESAM and got the CESAM Architect certification. The CESAM Architect certification is not only a powerful aid for job applications, but it also allows thousands of certified architects to continue networking in the CESAM community through events such as conferences and webinars.

You will receive an email from ClassMarker providing an online test link. There will be 40 questions, either single or multiple choices, randomly selected from the CESAMES question bank. All questions are bilingual En and Cn. A minimum of 30 correct answers within 90 minutes (maximum time) will be required to succeed the CESAM Associate Certification.

The results will be automatically sent to the respondent's email address by ClassMarker immediately after test is finished. Those who pass the test will receive the certificate directly in the email attachment as well as a link to LinkedIn to add the certificate automatically.