MBSE线上培训和CESAM Associate认证测试

¥8330 该价格包含6%的税 This price includes 6% tax


系以思以迈管理咨询(上海)有限公司接受企业团队培训报名。本次报名条件及服务约定如下:每24人组成一个报名团队,每人学费8330元人民币。按照培训大纲的内容,含11次线上视频课、3次练习和2次辅导,以及CESAM架构师初级认证测试,对测试合格者颁发CESEAM Associate架构师证书。辅导/练习过程用英文讲解,需要时提供中文翻译。认证测试为中英双语。本次培训通知点此下载

CESAMES provides MBSE training and CESAM certification test. For the training outline, see: MBSE Training and CESAM Certification Test

We accept resgitrations in conditions as blow: the group will consist of 24 persons, the fee is 8330RMB/pers. Accodring to the Program, there will be 11 video courses, 3 video exercices, 2 coachings with Enterprise Architect tool practices and 1 bilingual online test for CESAM Associate Certification. The videos are subtitled in Chinese. For the 2 coachings the translation in Chinese will be provided. This training program announcement can be downloaded here.

The training will only start when 24 people are registered. If not, we will refund the registration minus 833 RMB fee.

线上报名后获取执单(Pre-invoice) 然后付款。电子专票则将全数报名完成以电子邮件发送到每位参与者的电子邮箱中。

After registering online, get the pre-invoice and then make the payment. Electronic tickets will be emailed to each participant’s email address upon completion of registration.


系统工程师是系统工程实施的关键因素,然而他们却总是疲于沟通、协调,被海量的文档、无穷的变更所淹没。如何才能让系统工程师从基础繁杂的事务工作中解脱出来,真正发挥他们在复杂产品研发中的重要作用?这个解决方案就是MBSE(基于模型的系统工程:Model- Based Systems Engineering)。
System engineers are key factors in the implementation of system engineering, but they are always tired of communication and coordination, and are overwhelmed by massive documents and endless changes. How can we free system engineers from basic and complicated work and truly play their important role in the development of complex products? The solution is MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering).

The “Introduction to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)” online training course will enable students to understand how to use the MBSE method to specifically define a complete system for industrial products by learning how to specifically implement the operation, function, logic and physical architectural views of the system. architecture. The exercices will take the drone as topic and use the EA as modeling demonstration tool.