Digital Coaching by MBSE and CESAM Systems Architecting Method – 112020

Coaching target: system or enterprise engineers, project managers, managers or supervisors, who are directly or indirectly involved in the design or management of complex systems (product project systems or enterprise architecture); anyone who is interested in system architecture is also welcome to participate.

Coaching Duration: each online connection lasts 3 hours, followed by short eLearnings. The total program takes 16 hours, which ends within a week.

Coaching Format: online coaching & exercises, using the Cisco WebEx tool

Coaching Certification: after this week of coaching, one can participate online multiple-choice test and succeed to get the CESAM Associate Systems Architect Certification.

Coaching Session: 23-27 November 2020 (coaching connection 14:00-17:15 UTC+8)


This coaching uses Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) and CESAM’s unique method to demonstrate how systems architecture excels in complex systems design and management:

The purpose of this online coaching is to help to successfully establish high-quality, reproducible products and production chains with the goal of reducing time/cost and ensuring the highest level of safety through the hybrid method of system architecture in the early stage of design. Participants can quickly understand the scientific theory and practical method of architecture through this short-term tutoring. After returning to their organization, one can quickly provide effective suggestions to decision-makers, effectively collaborate with the team, and carry out system architecture or enterprise transformation projects.

The same coaching has been held several times in Singapore. In recent years, it has accompanied the engineering teams of Huawei, AVIC, COMAC, Dassault Systèmes China and other companies with the same guidance content in China, contributing to its transformation or the completion of the project.